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Our Specialties

At Whirrakee Woodware, we specialize in finished products.  All our finished products come wax dipped and painted.  And we also offer fire branding of your registration details if required.

Whirrakee Woodware has been servicing both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers from across Australia for over a decade.  So no order is too big or too small!

Our Suppliers

Sherif Beecobeeplas

Price List

You can follow the button below to download a current price list of our products. If you require other information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price List

New Products

Australian Made 8f Queen Excluders

$22 ea or $200 for 10

(10 frame available soon)

Single Frame Observation Hive


Stainless Steel Honey Gate

New Style Plastic Honey Gate

Apithor Hive Beetle Harbourage

Apithor is the simple and successful way to save your hives from the damaging effects of the small hive beetle. This single use, disposable device controls the beetles, without harming you, your bees or your honey.

Apithor hive beetle harbourage

Hive Beetle Traps & Bottom Boards

With 2 new beetle traps and customised bottom boards, we can arm you with the best defenses to give you the upper hand against this unwanted pest, in a safe and natural way that is both safe for your bees, and unobtrusive to the functioning of the hive.

Standard Trap (Top), Under Hive Mat Trap (Bottom)

Standard Trap (Top), Under Hive Mat Trap (Bottom)

The Silver Bullet

Both of our SHB traps sit within the hive, between the frames, suitable for both 8 and 10 frame boxes.

The Standard Trap (pictured top) can sit in any box without a hive mat.

The hive mat trap (pictured bottom) has raised indentations on it so the beetle can still access the trap holes even with a hive mat sitting directly on top.



Mesh Bottom board

Mesh Bottom Board

Mesh Bottom Board

The stainless steel mesh bottom board has a sliding wooden tray and you can have the entrance either on the top or the bottom of the rim.







Feeding Supplies

Take advantage of our new feeding products, to get you through those tough low yield times.

Ceracell Top Feeder Tray

Plastic feeder tray insert with chimney and corner caps, rebated into wooden box.

Suits 8f or 10f, wax dipped and painted or wax dipped only

Plastic frame feeder

Plastic frame feeder






Feeding Tray

Feeding tray

Wax dipped feeding tray with 3.33 x 0.90 mm stainless steel mesh.

Sits on top of frames



Plastic bottle feeder

Plastic Bottle Entrance Feeder

Entrance feeder – takes standard soft drink size bottle up to 1.25l.

Bottle not included




Bee Build Protein Pattie Supplement

Available in 1 kg, 3kg and 6kg tubs.

(Also available with added Spirulina)




Bee pollen

Bee pollen


Bee Pollen

Bee Build pollen substitute.

 Available in 1kg tubs and 5kg bags





Varoa Mite Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance should be carried out twice a season with 16 weeks between.


Drone uncapping AND either Alcohol wash OR Sugar shake.

Drone uncapping fork – $9.95

Alcohol wash kit – $15.00

Sugar shake kit – $17.50

POSTAGE available.